Michigan Salon Owner Kenzie Veurink Wins Survivor Season 46

Over Charlie Davis and Ben Katzman, other tribe members, Veurink prevailed.

Kenzie Veurink was victorious in Survivor Season 46 after 26 arduous days in Fiji filled with difficult tasks and calculated setbacks.

After a close-run Wednesday finale, the Michigan hair salon owner emerged victorious over fellow tribe members Charlie Davis and Ben Katzman in a jury vote.

Known for their record-breaking days without flint, Veurink, the last surviving member of the Yanu tribe, deftly handled the game’s social dynamics.

She was tagged as a social threat, although she aligned correctly for the most part, losing out only on the Tiffany Ervin blindside. Former competitor Bhanu Gopal dubbed her gameplay “Mermaid Dragon”. Underdog Ben’s unexpected victory in the last immunity challenge set up a fierce confrontation between Kenzie and Liz Wilcox.

Resilient, Kenzie won, earning her place in the final tribal council, where she won the jury vote 5-3-0.

During the last council, Veurink emphasized the real relationships she made and explained how her calculated social contacts helped her win.

Off the island, 29-year-old Kenzie owns her salon in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she gives other stylists rent-free hours. She made clear to the council that the $1 million award would be very beneficial to both her personal and professional lives.

Adding to her personal joy, Kenzie recently posted on Instagram how thrilled she is to be having her first child with her husband, Jackson.

Veurink also displayed her competitive attitude during the season by winning two critical individual immunities crucial for her path to the finale.

Survivor season 46 is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday nights in September; the precise date is yet unknown.

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