Nicki Minaj Stirs Fan Outrage by Calling ‘Starships’ Request ‘Stupid’ on New Year’s Eve

As the clock ticked towards the New Year, fans gathered at E11EVEN in Miami were in for an unexpected twist from Nicki Minaj, the queen of rap herself. In a moment that captured the essence of live performance spontaneity, Minaj made headlines not for what she performed, but for what she didn’t.

During the electrifying set, a fan favorite request for ‘Starships’ echoed through the venue. Minaj, known for her bold persona, started off the track only to abruptly halt, labeling the 2012 hit as “stupid.” This unfiltered moment was all it took for the crowd’s energy to shift, as Minaj openly expressed, “I don’t perform that song anymore, y’all.” Her candid admission, “I don’t like it,” was a rare glimpse into the artist’s personal take on her own discography.

Yet, the ‘Anaconda’ rapper, ever the show woman, didn’t leave her fans hanging. She quickly bounced back, diving into ‘Super Bass,’ her 2010 smash hit, reigniting the crowd’s enthusiasm.

Nicki Minaj Stirs Fan Outrage by Calling 'Starships' Request 'Stupid' on New Year's Eve
Nicki Minaj Stirs Fan Outrage by Calling 'Starships' Request 'Stupid' on New Year's Eve

This incident wasn’t just a fleeting moment; it sparked a wave of reactions across TikTok and beyond. The platform buzzed with fan comments, ranging from disappointment to understanding. One fan lamented, “It makes me sad when artists say they don’t like their most popular song,” highlighting the personal connection fans often have with an artist’s hits. In contrast, another fan offered empathy, acknowledging how performing the same song repeatedly could become tiresome.

‘Starships,’ which soared to No. 5 on the Hot 100 and enjoyed a 31-week chart run, has been a staple in Minaj’s career. Her recent disavowal of the song on such a public stage brought to light the complex relationship artists often have with their past works.

This episode at Minaj’s New Year’s Eve performance goes beyond a simple song choice. It’s a testament to the ever-evolving journey of an artist and the conversations it can spark among fans. As Minaj continues to redefine her path, moments like these remind us of the dynamic, often unpredictable nature of the music world, where an artist’s growth and personal preferences can lead to unexpected turns.

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