Shocking Twist in ‘EastEnders’: Aunt Babe’s Return Linked to George’s Adoption Mystery

In a riveting turn of events on ‘EastEnders,’ George Knight’s journey to uncover his adoption past has sparked a whirlwind of speculation among fans. The introduction of his adoptive parents, Gloria and Eddie, has unraveled a narrative that challenges everything George believed about his upbringing, setting the stage for a dramatic exploration of his identity.

The storyline has taken an intriguing twist with fans linking George’s adoption to Aunt Babe, a character that left a memorable mark on the show. Portrayed by Annette Badland, Aunt Babe’s departure from the Square was shrouded in controversy, and now, viewers are piecing together clues that suggest her involvement in George’s story. Discussions in fan forums and social media have brought excitement and theories, with many advocating for the return of the complex character.

George Knight

Annette Badland’s portrayal of Aunt Babe in ‘EastEnders’ was nothing short of iconic. Her character’s mischievous antics and morally ambiguous actions garnered both admiration and criticism. Following her departure from the show, Badland continued to showcase her acting prowess in the critically acclaimed Apple+ series ‘Ted Lasso’.

Aunt Babe

Reflecting on her time as Aunt Babe, Badland shared in an interview the profound impact the character had on viewers. She spoke candidly about the fine line between fiction and reality, noting how the character’s nefarious actions led to some intense reactions from the audience.


As ‘EastEnders’ delves deeper into George Knight’s adoption storyline, the potential reintroduction of Aunt Babe adds layers of intrigue and complexity. Her character, known for her scheming ways and a knack for causing trouble, could potentially be a catalyst for major revelations in the plot.

This storyline exemplifies ‘EastEnders’ commitment to engaging, character-driven narratives. With the fusion of past and present characters, the show continues to enthrall its audience, weaving intricate stories that reflect the complexities of life.

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