Scott Stuber’s Debut After Netflix: Tackling Springsteen’s ‘Nebraska’ with A24 and Jeremy Allen White in Talks, Under Scott Cooper’s Direction

Scott Stuber is bringing the heartland to Hollywood in his latest venture. The film industry’s buzzing since the former Netflix honcho teamed up with Gotham Group’s Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Eric Robinson for a new project that’s got music buffs and moviegoers equally excited. They’re pulling back the curtain on a legend—none other than The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, and the story of how his haunting ‘Nebraska’ album came to be.

The project’s got ‘cinematic journey’ written all over it, with “Crazy Heart’s” Scott Cooper at the helm to write and direct. They’re calling it “Deliver Me from Nowhere,” and it’s based on last year’s eye-opening book by Warren Zanes. The streets are whispering about Jeremy Allen White, fresh from his knockout performance in “The Bear,” taking on the role of Springsteen. While talks with A24 are heating up, White’s set to hit the ground running in Jersey this fall, right after he wraps Season 4 of “The Bear.”

Now, let’s talk about ‘Nebraska.’ If you know Springsteen, you know it’s not just any album—it’s a raw slice of Americana, filled with stories of people on the edge. But what you might not know is how it all started with Springsteen alone, with nothing but a four-track recorder in a rented house in Colts Neck, NJ. That’s where the magic happened, folks.

And the inspiration? It’s pure cinema gold. “Badlands” wasn’t just a hit for Terrence Malick; it set Springsteen’s creative wheels on fire. The proof is in the tracks, from “Atlantic City” to “State Trooper”—each one is like a mini-movie.

Cooper’s no stranger to the music scene. Remember “Crazy Heart”? That film not only bagged Oscars for Jeff Bridges and the soulful tune “The Weary Kind” but also showcased Cooper’s knack for storytelling. He’s gone full circle and is back to digging into the musical roots with “Deliver Me from Nowhere.”

With The Boss himself and manager Jon Landau getting their hands dirty with this one, it’s shaping up to be the kind of film that doesn’t just walk you through Springsteen’s life but lets you feel every note of ‘Nebraska.’ And let’s not forget, Springsteen’s no stranger to Oscars—he’s got one for “Streets of Philadelphia.” So, yeah, expectations? Sky-high.

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