Shakira Stuns with ‘Insane’ Times Square Spectacle Before 40,000 Fans After Album Release

It was an electric Tuesday night in Times Square as Shakira took to the Stage, thrilling a massive crowd of 40,000 fanatics and her powerhouse performance. This wasn’t just any show; it was a grand celebration of her latest album, “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran” (Women Don’t Cry Anymore), hitting the airwaves for the first time in seven years.

Taking to Instagram, the Colombian celebrity couldn’t conceal her excitement. She shared a snippet of the nighttime, humming with the energy of a stay live concert, and captioned it with words that barely contained her excitement, “What an insane experience!! 40,000 of you in Times Square, I’ve goosebumps!”

Her heartfelt thanks to the crowd, “Thank you for such an amazing welcome and for coming to party with me in NY!”, showed just how much the night meant to her.

“Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran” marks Shakira’s return to the music scene after a hiatus, made all the more special because it comes at the heels of her public breakup. Rumors swirled around the split from her partner, Gerard Piqué, which she subtly stated at some point in her recent chat with Jimmy Fallon on NBC’s “The Tonight Show.”

Shakira opened up about the creative drought she faced, hinting that her tumultuous personal life had been a significant barrier. “I was putting out songs here and there but it was really hard for me to put together a body of work,” she shared, including with a mix of jest and earnestness, “It was the husband. Now I’m husbandless. Yeah, the husband was dragging me down. Now I’m free. Now I can work.”

The release of her new album is a defiant shout of independence and resilience, themes that resonate during her brand-new paintings. With “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran,” Shakira no longer promises an array of hits but also a deeply personal glimpse into her adventure of self-discovery and empowerment.

Her spontaneous concert in Times Square, against all odds, has become a testament to her unbreakable spirit. As Shakira moves forward, both her music and her resolve continue to inspire millions around the globe.

She was separated from the former Spanish footballer for the reason that in June 2022, the couple stocks sons, Milan, 11, and Sasha, 9. But it’s clear, both from her electrifying latest performance and her today’s musical assignment,that Shakira is stepping into a new era, one where in she’s no longer simply surviving but thriving.

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