Tough Break: Shedeur Sanders Takes a Hit, Sidelined in Colorado’s Intense Showdown With Washington State

PULLMAN, Wash. – It was a night fraught with challenges for Colorado Buffaloes’ quarterback Shedeur Sanders, son of coach Deion Sanders, against the Washington State Cougars this Friday. From the onset, Sanders faced an uphill battle, being sacked four times in his first 10 plays, including a vicious hit that seemed to injure his right throwing arm.

Right from the start, Sanders was under immense pressure. Displaying remarkable grit, he returned to the field to throw an impressive 45-yard touchdown pass to receiver Travis Hunter. However, following a fumbled snap in the second quarter, with Colorado trailing 28-7, Sanders was compelled to leave the field, heading towards the locker room.

This moment was not just critical for Sanders but also marked a significant low for the team. Already struggling with pass protection, Colorado found itself further challenged by Washington State. Freshman backup quarterback Ryan Staub stepped in for Sanders, but the team’s difficulties persisted.

For Sanders, a junior, this season had been a journey of emerging as a key prospect for the Buffaloes. He had previously played through pain and injuries, demonstrating resilience and commitment. However, Friday night marked a turning point as continuing became untenable.

On the other side, Washington State had established a 14-0 lead in the first quarter. Following the hit that injured Sanders, he fumbled the ball, leading to a 40-yard fumble return touchdown by Cougars defender Ron Stone Jr.

In the second half, with the score at 42-7, Sanders, dressed in warm-up gear, stood on the sidelines, watching as his team battled on. In the first half, he completed 6 of 10 pass attempts for 86 yards and one touchdown, setting a new single-season record for Colorado with 3,230 passing yards.

Despite these personal milestones, the night was overshadowed by the team’s overall performance. Colorado eventually succumbed to a 56-14 defeat, setting up a season finale against Utah next week.

The future of Shedeur Sanders’ participation remains uncertain, but his courage and skill displayed throughout the season have been a beacon of hope in an otherwise challenging time for the Buffaloes.

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